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Nursery Themes

Whether you are about to have your first baby or your fourth, decorating your baby’s nursery is a very special activity. After all, the nursery is the place that will serve as your baby’s sanctuary for the next years to come. That said you want to be sure that you invest the energy, time and money to make it as homey, pleasing and aesthetically pleasing as possible for your baby. With
that in mind, here are a few suggestions to help you choose the perfect theme for your baby’s nursery:

European Theme

Say the word ‘European’ and sophistication and elegance come to mind. A European nursery theme makes use of a colour palette that is easy on the eyes. Colour choices include lavender and creams or pink and blue. Fine imported linens that touch the floor are used for the crib and a sturdy rocking chair can also be brought into the room.
Furniture items for European themed nurseries include oval mirrors, armoires with shelves, and mini crystal chandeliers. Wallpaper that features bunnies or bumblebees are also often used. European themed cribs can range from dark wood with hand painted leaves, wrought iron finish in gold or slate, or country French in white or walnut. Accent the nursery by tying bows around the crib.

Jungle Theme

As opposed to the European nursery theme, the jungle theme is more fitting for parents who would like to provide a more colourful,vibrant atmosphere for their child’s nursery. Jungle themes use plenty of stuffed animals, wallpaper or murals featuring lush tropical forests, and tasteful wood décor. You can either paint the walls of the room a deep shade of green to give off the illusion that one is deep in the jungle, or go for a lighter atmosphere by painting the room cream or yellow and painting murals of jungle animals on the wall. Use  beddings that feature different jungle animals and decorate the room with stuffed animals. You can also opt to use solid coloured beddings if you think the room is starting to look a little too busy.

You can also hang mosquito nets around the room to complete the look.
Lastly, decorate the windows with stickers of birds, flowers or rainbows to make the colours around the room pop.

Ballerina Theme

While the two themes mentioned above are gender neutral, the ballerina theme is a theme that you should consider applying for your nursery if you have a little princess on the way. While it may seem complicated at the outset, creating a ballerina theme for a nursery can actually be pulled off with the use of simple décor. You can paint the walls with a shade of pastel pink or purple. Pick up bedding fabrics that feature ballerina prints such as ballet shoes or little ballerinas.

Browse online or at the store for a framed picture that you can hang
on the wall that fits the ballerina theme. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose a vibrant, colourful photo or a more
classic and reserved black and white one. You can also put up a pair
of ballet shoes on the wall or behind the door to give the room a
genuine ballerina feel. Lastly, you can showcase a music box with a
spinning ballerina in the centre.

These are only some of the nursery themes that you can consider using. There are many more such as a farm animal theme, a beach theme or a teddy bear or a balloon theme. What is important is that you like what you see and what you feel when you are in the room as it is you and your baby who will be spending time in it.

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