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Do I need to prepare my pictures with photoshop?
Our advanced baby prediction algorithm can scan and analyze your pictures as is. You do not need to crop, rotate, colorize or fix the photos in any way, shape or form. Just be sure that there is nothing blocking the faces in the images like hair, clothing or other objects.

How accurate is your baby maker application?
Of course this tool was developed using computers and cannot possibly take into consideration every variable that nature uses to determine the features of a newborn baby. However, we feel that given the resources and circumstances the provided result will be as accurate as it’s going to get.

Does this Baby Generator morph faces?
Our baby picture generator is not like all the others on the market that simply cut, paste and morph sections of each picture to create a baby. Through 1000’s of computer processes your created baby will be chosen specifically for you!

Is this the best free baby maker site?
Absolutely, I’m sure you will all agree that is the one and only best future baby maker website around. Not only is our service fast, free and easy but you will be amazed when your virtual newborn baby arrives before your eyes!

Is really free?
You betcha! We don’t charge fees for our services. Just choose a picture for the father and a picture for the mother and click Make Baby! Within seconds, you will have a brand new baby without the wait or the mess!

Do you have to download and install any software?
Nope! Our free baby creation process happens entirely through your browser without any programs to download or install! Neat huh?!

Do you store the pictures uploaded to your site?
Nope! All pictures are discarded and deleted right after the baby generation process is completed.

How does it choose a gender?
Whether your baby will be a boy or a girl is entirely up to chance. The baby maker will randomly decide on the gender of your baby.

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  • After you upload your mother and father photos your request is sent to our team of professionals educated in genetics and experienced in face recognition. The final photo you will receive in your mailbox results from the work of a human.

  • We believe that providing our visitors with photos of actual babies which are not a result of automated software makes a huge difference. However, the processing of your photos may take some time so please be patient, we usually deliver final photo in your mailbox within few hours.

  • After we process your photo request all your uploaded photos are deleted. We would love to hear your feedback about the baby photo you received from us! Please feel free to spread a word on social media or among your family and friends.

Disclaimer website is strictly for entertainment purposes. We do not guarantee any of the images displayed as a result of using this Baby Picture maker generator to be genetically or biologically accurate. Please use at your discretion, and tell your friends about it :)



"Thank you very much, Baby Picture Maker... He is so gorgeous. He really looks like us when we were kids. Big hope, that our son will be just like him."


"Wow thanks yall did an amazing job he looks beautiful just like my wife. Again thanks keep doin awesome jobs."


"The baby looks like both parents love it."


"It’s very accurate my baby looks just like that."


"Wow! This is awesome. I hoped that you would combine the pictures I uploaded together with our baby’s. Thanks!"


"I am stunned actually.. adult pictures were used and this is a near exact to my childhood picture.. just stunned.. amazing"


"Very Accurate looks just like my child"


"My ex-fiance and I were scheduled to be married this spring. We got along well and I knew she was the one for me. Just as a safe measure, i decided to upload our pictures into the Baby Picture Maker program. After I received the result I was shocked at what I saw. I immediately canceled our wedding and told her that we weren't meant for each other. I'm extremely grateful for and their software because I almost made the worst decision of my life. Not only did prevent a disastrous relationship from forming, but they saved the life of a very horrific baby from being born. I recommend anybody contemplating marriage or having children use the Baby Picture Maker website before making any life-threatening decisions."

Chris S.