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Baby eyes color

eyeThere are some interesting facts about babies’ eye color. While our algorithm takes eyes in consideration color is the trickiest of the features.

The important fact is that eye color is determined by genes but not only by mother’s and father’s genes but also their ancestors’. Studies identified more than fifteen genes contributing in various degree to eye color. Your baby can have grandfather’s eyes or in some cases color that has not been in your family for few generations, it all depends on pigmentation.

First, african-american, asian, hispanic…the matter of eye color is much more simple there as these have generally more pigment. Wast majority of babies of these origins are born with dark eyes that stay dark all their lives.

For white or caucasian babies it gets more interesting. White babies are very often born with blue or grey-blue eyes but according to most recent studies it can take up to three years for the color of their iris to stabilize. This is because babies’ eyes lack pigment in their iris when they are born. As they grow cells responsible for production of pigment kick in and eyes change color until baby is about one year old and iris usually reaches its final color. In some cases these color changes can take up to three years. Eye color can gradually change from blue to green, then to grey, hazel or slate and to brown or black. It all depends on the amount of pigment. Between 10% and 15% of people can see their iris change color even in their adulthood as more pigment is produced.

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