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Objects – My Favorite Blanket…

Baby Health, Blog

Between the ages of six to twelve months, children tend to get emotionally attached to a favorite item. What kind of an item is it? It’s usually a soft item that is in the reach of the child. It’s often something that is associated with the crib – a cloth that we put under our […]

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Natural Immunity Strengthening of Children

Baby Health, Blog

Autumn and Winter are in full swing, and so it comes the most suitable time for strengthening the immunity of the organism. Let us have a look at the possibilities of its strengthening using herbs, aromatherapy and other natural ways, without chemical medicines and vitamins, which needlessly burden a little child organism. Then it can devote more power to […]

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Difficulties at nights

Baby Care, Baby Health, Blog

Problems with sleeping can occur in 15 to 20% of cases. If you are able to recognise at least some of the small health issues that causes your child’s bad sleep you prevent a lot of misunderstandings. Why the tears? It’s not at all easy to differentiate the sobs for attention of a child that […]

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The Nutrition of Toddlers and Preschool Children

Baby Health, Blog

It’s well known that children prefer sweet taste and prefer sweet foods. Too much sweetening can result in a lesser intake of other food components and this could have a negative effect on a child’s development. Nutrition is an important factor that influences the growth and development of a child from birth up until adulthood. […]

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Hair, hair, hair….

Baby Health, Blog

Each person has several types of hair during his or her life. Before birth, in the mother’s womb, a baby has very soft smooth hair usually without any pigmentation. If a child is born on its due date the hair usually falls out before birth. You can see some of the hair on prematurely born […]

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Exercising With Toddlers

Baby Development, Baby Health, Blog, Toys

Just don’t neglect anything – that’s the motto of many parents of small children. There are several ways to develop your child’s skills and one of them is physical activity. But not everything truly benefits the child. More and more mothers today are searching for anything they could do to help their child develop as […]

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Play With Me – How To Entertain Your Little Ones

Baby Health, Blog

At around the third year a child spends most of his time drawing. A game is serious work for preschoolers. It’s a path of personal development, a lifestyle and learning how to spend free time. If you also manage to make up a creative game, it will make the child use his brain, his hands […]

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Baby Feeding, Baby Health, Blog

When a baby drinks, it often swallows some air with it too, although not always. There are two reasons for helping your baby to burp. Firstly, the baby doesn’t feel comfortable since the trapped air causes crams in its tummy which leads to a glutted feeling. The baby is then annoyed, it cries and cannot […]

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The length of a child’s cry

Baby Health, Blog

The cry of a baby is one of the sharpest and the loudest sounds that we could possibly hear in a household (about 80 to 85 decibels) It starts to appear around the second week of a child’s life, it grows in strength around the eighth to tenth week and then it lowers down towards […]

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