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Bananas for Baby – First Solid Foods

One of the first solid foods you will introduce to you baby is probably bananas. Gigi was wild about them from the get go! She nursed exclusively for almost six months, and although breast milk continued to make up the bulk of her diet the first year, she was particularly enthusiastic about new foods.

I have two problems with the jars of baby food bananas you buy at the store.

Most, if not all, jarred bananas out there are not organic. Your typical, perfect yellow banana is so saturated with a toxic mix of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that they are one of the most questionable fruits available for consumption. We really don’t have any business eating them as adult, and even more so as children.

Organic bananas don’t cost much more than non-organic and you can find them at almost any market these days.

Also, processed, jarred bananas cost an awful lot of money when it comes right down to it. Buy your own fresh, organic bananas instead. Simply peel a ripe banana and fork-mash it until there are no lumps and it’s mushy to the point of being nearly liquid.

You can even mix the mash with a little breast milk or formula to further liquefy the consistency.
Simple and wholesome, fresh mashed bananas are a perfect food for baby.

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