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Smiling in the Womb

You may have heard that babies are able to smile from two month old and that all that looks like a smile is actually just face-making and has nothing to do with actual smiling.

Actually babies are able to smile straight away after birth and maybe even earlier. We can see on the ultrasound images that babies are smiling already in the thirds trimester. Of course it is hard to tell what they are smiling about. “According to research babies in the womb are smiling mostly at times when they are falling asleep and just as they waking up” says Alan Fogel from University of Salt Lake City, Utah. “Staying in the mothers’ womb is possibly so comfortable that they are showing their pleasant feeling by smiling.

Womb baby smiling - fetal 4d usgBut the truth is that infants are able to react, to various inputs from their surrounding, with a smile from their second month. So you might need to wait a while after giving birth before the baby returns your smiles. In the third and forth month babies start to giggle and even laugh.  You might even like the laughs so much that you will try to make him laugh more often. But be careful not to overtire your little one. Babies need peace and quiet and too much stimulation could prove hard on them. Believe that your child have many happy years ahead where it will enjoy smiling and laughs as much as you will.

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